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Reach frictionless
energy procurement
and budget transparency in a volatile market


Volatile energy


Exposed to

spot contracts


Change in

procurement strategy



Limited transparency

on energy budget

Rising energy prices and volatility push energy suppliers towards unexpected costs and increase of risk. As a consequence, these risks are heading your way. This is where new challenges are coming in: dealing with variable and spot-based contracts, uncertainty about budget levels, different ways of energy procurement, complicated hedging practices, upcoming capacity tariffs, and many more.

Disruptive changes ahead in the energy landscape

Your budget & energy procurement are at risk

Our solution

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Negotiation an energy contract requires a good understanding of market dynamics.

Sign an energy supply contract.


Start of your contractual period and delivery of energy.

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Condugo assists you throughout the entire procurement process by providing tools and services that result in a signed supply contract, a transparent budget calculation with follow-up, and a sound hedging strategy and execution.

Procurement analytics

Procurement analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing procurement data for business insights and effective decision-making. What data will we collect?

Historical usage data

For every EAN number, historical usage data needs to be collected. Depending on the type of meter (yearly, monthly, quarter of an hour), we collect typically 3 years of historical data. Historical usage data can be obtained via your current energy provider(s) or grid operator(s).

Future estimated usage volume

Future volume usage is an important metric when contacting energy providers. The more accurate you can forecast your future usage volume, the better your energy provider can craft a tailor made offer.

We give you the right instruments to forecast future volume adjustments. Our tool helps you to pinpoint where changes in consumption could take place: Peak vs Off-Peak, specific months/quarters during the year, or an overall yearly change.

Additional parameters

Bandwidth limits: An upper and lower bound of your total yearly consumption. Outside these borders an additional price penalty will be charged.

Max capacity: grid operators will look at your maximum capacity needed for your EAN points. Based on this value, a capacity tariff will be applied.

Consolidate offers

When receiving offers from the different energy suppliers it is an ‘art’ to consolidate all this unstructured information in a standard template so that it can be turned into actionable information. What are the main drivers in our template:

  • Type of contract (fixed, variable, mixed)
  • Type of hedging (profile click, block click)
  • Bandwidth limits & penalty
  • Overview of fees: handling, balancing, profile, transmission, distribution, ….
  • PPA: possibility to include a PPA into the contract
  • First yearly budget forecast
  • ...

As a result we offer you a structured, highly readable and interpretable overview, which can be used in your further vendor selection process.


Hedging and budget calculation

Once you have signed your contract two important jobs need to be done.



This budget estimation takes all necessary parameters into consideration: long-term market prices, local green certificates, GOO market prices, (un)hedged budget, future consumption, and transmission & distribution tariffs.

There are multiple approaches to developing an ideal hedging strategy and each carries a different type of risk. Developing a custom strategy based on your unique energy consumption data, business needs, risk appetite, and sustainability goals is a must.

Taking into account the volatile markets and constantly changing regulations, this budget must be updated on a regular basis to maintain a correct view. This can be a challenging job when done if not automated.

Executing your hedging strategy requires an up-to-date view of your hedging ratio combined with close monitoring of market price fluctuations. Combining this information is a challenging job but is crucial to define when and how much to hedge.

Our budgeting engine curates daily information from different data sources. Combined with your specific parameters, the result is an up-to-date budget view for the coming years.

By continuously calculating your hedging ratio and monitoring the market, our hedging engine will support you in executing your hedging strategy.

Budget follow-up

Once your contract period has started, 3 important jobs need to be done.

Budget realised

Budget forecast


The realised budget estimation takes all necessary parameters into consideration: spot market prices, local green certificates, GOO market prices, hedged budget, effective consumption and transmission & distribution tariffs.

The second pillar of your budget exercise is to project future budget spending. A future budget is calculated based on parameters like forecasted consumption, forward prices, transmission & distribution tariffs, and an already hedged budget.

Your hedging strategy has been defined in a previous step. At the start of your contract, executing this strategy is key to staying in line with your initial budget and to keep your risk in your open position(s) under control.

Matching real-time consumption information with contractual agreements, spot prices, and executed hedges is key to having an up-to-date view of your actual realised budget.

Our budgeting engine curates daily information from all different data sources. The result is an up-to-date budget view for the past period.

Taking into account the volatile markets and constantly changing regulations, this budget must be updated on a regular basis to maintain an accurate view.

Our forecasting engine curates daily information from all different data sources. The result is a budget estimation for the future period.

To execute your hedging strategy you need to have a real-time view of your realized and forecasted consumption volume, bandwidth criteria, market price fluctuation, and hedging ratio.

Our platform collects this information on a daily basis. This information is then used by our hedging engine which provides you with the intended information needed to execute your hedging strategy.

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In 2020 Condugo received a VLAIO grant and support for two years for a pilot project. With the pilot project, Condugo wants to enable (petro) chemical companies to meet the climate and energy targets in a lasting, convincing and economically responsible manner. Our novel energy flow modelling techniques bring 100% transparency in the process chain, leading to substantial benefits for all levels of the organization – from process engineers to financial controllers and top management.

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